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120-Sided Die

120-Sided Die


Item # 504723
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Recommended Grade(s): 7-12
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The ultimate fair dice allowed by Mother Nature (i.e., mathematics)! The d120 is based on a polyhedron known as the disdyakis triacontahedron. Each face is a scalene triangle. These dice are perfectly numerically balanced, with the same sums for numbers around vertices of the same type.

At 2” in diameter and weighing 1/3 lb, these unique dice will fascinate students and can be used to spark discussion of a range of topics relating to geometry, numbers, and statistics. They can also be used with other dice in a variety of dice games for practicing arithmetic skills. The d120 can also be used as a dn, where n is any proper factor of 120, including all of the dice in a standard seven-dice polyset. Colors may vary.


  • Type: Manipulatives
  • ISBN/UPC 606305100874


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