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Garage Physics Ballista

Garage Physics Ballista


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Recommended Grade(s): 6-12
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The Eisco Garage Physics line is aimed at students interested in STEM concepts included physics and engineering. Each kit engages learners to discover new ideas about the physical world through assembly and play.

Ballista's were a particularly efficient siege warfare machine. Though the weight and range of their projectiles was typically smaller than the trebuchet, they required no counterweight and could be reloaded quickly by a single person. This meant they could be repositioned and fired quickly enough to be effective against moving targets such as armored troops. Large ballista's were able to achieve distances around 1 km.

Learn physics through play! This kit is built from simple components – wood, leather, and string – but has an amazing result. Once built, students can launch ping pong balls more than 30 ft and explore 4 different launch angles. Projectiles can be launched repeatably, making for a safe and fun way to explore parabolic trajectories. Launch your way into a tactile exploration of fundamental concepts of physics! Educational topics covered in the kit include torsion springs, forces, acceleration, and parabolic trajectories.

This ballista uses a torsion spring bundle and a lever arm. The torsion spring bundle is made of twisted mason twine and exerts a rotational force, or torque, on the lever arm. The two lever arms pull on the pouch, accelerating the ping pong ball away from the ballista. Once the ping pong ball leaves the ballista it travels along a parabolic trajectory (ignoring air resistance).

Wooden components made with precision-cut Birch verner pure bond plywood. Kit includes everything you need to build - Ballista sides (2), base supports (2), torsion frame top and base, torsion frame sides (2), leather pouch, ping pong ball, 2“ dowels (4), 7“ dowels (2), 19“ string (2), 25“ string (2), 7“ string, cardboard storage box and instructions for assembly and experimental activities.


  • Type: Manipulatives


Warning WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD – SMALL PARTS. Not for children under 3 yrs.

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