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CalcPal® Canvas Tote for Graphing Calculators

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Disregard last review - I found the lock! It was tucked into the front pocket. Thanks for this handy tote! I look forward to having it in my class to organize and keep my calculators safe.
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Love this tote for storing my class set of TI 84 Graphing calculators. It is easy for me to quickly assess whether any of my students still have calculators out at the end of the period. I used to store them in a regular box and had to stress those last 2 minutes on whether or not i had collected them all up by having to count them out. The straps make for easy transport at the end of the year when I had to check them all back in. Also, the tote fits perfectly under the drawer component of my teacher desk. While the bag is set up to hold 30 calculators, I found I could still squeeze another along the side of each compartment, holding 36 calculators. I also appreciate the outside pocket in which I store extra batteries. I love this bag. I paid double for it, 2 years ago. It was worth it then, but it is a bargain now!! Contemplating a second bag just because the price is so great. I have a small set of TI 83's that I could use a second bag to store.
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Just got the tote in the mail. It looks fine except that it does not include a lock. I was expecting one as the description says "lock included." That was one of the main reasons I chose this tote, as my classroom calculators disappear all the time. I don't know that it will be easy to find a lock that works with this, as the holes for the lock are very small. I'm disappointed.
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