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The timer has a weird built in function, that you can't change, which gives a beeping sound when there is 20% of the time left. Why? My students always get confused with it because it isn't a consistent "30 seconds left", they must do a quick visual check (or math calculation) to figure out how much time is left.

Sure you can switch off the sound entirely, but that defeats the purpose.

EAI's response: Thanks for your review. One of MegaTimer's features is when 80% of the time you've set in Countdown Mode has elapsed, the timer beeps twice, to alert students that time is almost up, much like when a teacher says "You have 5 minutes left." The time remaining is clearly displayed in the large window. When the countdown hits 00:00, MegaTimer continuously beeps until you turn it off, signaling time is up. To see all of the modes and features of MegaTimer, please click the 'Sample Pages' link above.
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My timer only worked for one year. I thought the batteries were dead, but it never came on again.

EAI's Response: We're sorry to hear that you are having issues with your MegaTimer. The manufacturer suggests checking the Powering Up section on page 6 and the Troubleshooting section on page 17 of the MegaTimer Instruction Manual. If you don't have yours handy, you can find it under the 'Sample Pages' link above.
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