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GeoModel® Folding Geometric Shapes: 10 cm - 11 Solids and 11 Nets

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These shapes are great, but the work mats that come with them are all (expletive deleted). Totally ruined a group activity I did this week. The shapes on the sheets don't match the shapes they give you and it really messes with the kids and creates quite a mess. Pay attention if you're going to make and sell products for a classroom. Disaapointed.

****RESPONSE FROM EAI EDUCATION**** We are sorry to hear you are disappointed with the work mats that accompany this product. To verify your complaint, we reviewed the artwork and cannot identify the issue you have described. However, we noticed that the PDF sample pages on our website were for a different product. If you attempted to use these free worksheets instead of the ones that came with your product, and did not notice they were for a set of 17 solids before setting up your activity, then yes they would not work 100% with this item. We have updated the PDF to match the one that comes with this set. We apologize if this caused you any confusion. If you would like to provide more information about your experience, please email
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