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Motion Detector (MD-BTD)

Motion Detector (MD-BTD)


Item # 74400
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Recommended Grade(s): K-12
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The Motion Detector uses ultrasound to measure distance. Ultrasonic pulses are emitted by the Motion Detector, reflected from a target, and then detected by the device. The time it takes for the reflected pulses to return is used to calculate position, velocity, and acceleration. This allows you to study the motion of objects such as a person walking, a ball in free fall, or a cart on a ramp. Our redesigned Motion Detector can measure objects as close as 15cm to the detector and as far away as 6 m. The short minimum target distance allows objects to get closer to the detector, which reduces stray reflections. A special Track mode switch tailors the sensitivity for dynamics carts on tracks for lower noise and higher quality data. For use with LabQuest, LabPro, CBL 2™, and CBL


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