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Math and Literature: Money Set

Math and Literature: Money Set


Item # 534695
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Recommended Grade(s): K-6
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Set includes:

Alexander, Who used to Be Rich Last Sunday: Poor Alexander just can't resist any offer, and before he know it, he has spent all his money.

Once Upon a Dime: Farmer Worth discovers that a special tree on his farm produces different kinds of money, depending on what animal fertilizer he uses.

Money Madness: This guide to basic economics will make readers think about the purpose, not just the value, of money.

How the Second Grade Got $8,205.50 to Visit the Statue of Liberty: Logs the triumphs and setbacks of the 2nd grade as they try a variety of schemes to raise money for a trip to the Statue of Liberty.

Arthur's Funny Money: Arthur wants a T-shirt and cap but doesn't have enough money. His little sister is having trouble with her math. But she has an idea that may solve both problems!

The Story of Money: Explore the many forms money has taken around the world, from barter to doubloons to greenbacks to credit cards.

Benny's Pennies: Benny has 5 new pennies and plans to spend them all. With some help, he fulfills each wish with a penny and goes home loaded with 5 simple gifts.

The Big Buck Adventure: What can we buy for $1? Learn the true power of spending lies in its many possibilities.

Bunny Money: Ruby and Max have saved up a wallet full of bills for Grandma's birthday present, but problems occur and money starts running out. Can they still get the present?

The Coin Counting Book: What coins add up to a quarter? How many pennies in a nickel? And what to do with our coins once we have added them up?

A Chair For My Mother: A girl, her mother, and grandmother save coins to buy a needed easy chair.

The Penny Pot: At the school fair, Jessie counts all her coins to get her face painted.

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