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Math and Literature: Fractions Set

Math and Literature: Fractions Set


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Recommended Grade(s): K-6
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Set includes:

Fractions, Decimals and Percents: Readers take a stroll around a county fair and see fractions at a pie-eating contest, decimals in the arcade, and percent signs in the prize booth.

All for Pie, Pie for All: Little readers will eat up this scrumptious, gently math-related story that's as sweet and satisfying as a fresh-baked dessert.

Pizza Counting: Count the toppings on these pizza masterpieces, then divide them up into filling fractions. Zesty pizza facts add to the flavorful fun.

Piece = Part = Portion: Fractions = Decimals = Percents: Vibrant photos and simple text introduce the idea that fractions, decimals, and percents are different ways of saying the same thing.

Fractions In Disguise: George Cornelius Factor (or GFC) is crazy about fractions. Action and humor add up to an entertaining intro to simplifying fractions.

Fraction Fun: Fractions are everywhere and we use them when we tell time, count money, or eat a slice of pizza.

Working with Fractions: When it comes to counting money, playing games, or making sure you get your fair share of the pizza, fractions are there to help you.

Fraction Action: Mill Prime and her charming characters are back to teach fractions.

A Fraction's Goal - Parts of a Whole: A fun book about splitting whole objects into parts. Peppy rhymes, goofy illustrations, and kid-friendly examples take the fear out of fractions.

If You Were a Fraction: If you were a fraction, you'd be part of a whole. You'd be a slice of pizza. What else could you be if you were a fraction?

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