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Slide N' Measure® Compass: Clear - Set of 10

Slide N' Measure® Compass: Clear - Set of 10


Item # 533816
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Recommended Grade(s): 3-12
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New design! Slide N' Measure™ Compass combines a ruler, drawing compass, and protractor in one handy tool. Our precision design enables students to produce exact drawings of shapes, circles, triangles, and straight lines; accurate geometric constructions; and draw and measure angles. A unique compass swivel allows students to hold compass securely in place with one finger while drawing, and the locking radius slider adjusts with the push of a finger for precise measurements. Calibrated in inches (5" long) and centimeters (12cm long) with a 180° protractor. Set of 10 clear compasses.

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  • Type: Manipulatives
  • ISBN/UPC 841971110141


    Customer Reviews/Tips

    I love these compasses. They are so much easier for students to use than a traditional metal/pencil compass. Throughout the year, a few may break, but buying extras of this type is still less expensive than buying a nice, traditional compass for all students.
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    *****EAI RESPONSE****
    We're sorry to hear about your experience with our Slide N' Measure Compasses. If pivot points fall out after being dropped, they can be pushed back into place as long as you have both the clear plastic disk and the blue ring. However, this particular compass style does not have any screws or locking mechanisms that can be tightened, so we are curious to hear more about what exactly you have experienced. Please contact our customer service team at 1-800-770-8010 and we will be glad to assist you.

    Worthless for any kind of classroom use. Slightly over tightening the lock causes the screw tightener to irreparably break. Furthermore, falling a short distance from the desk to the floor causes the pivot to pop out rendering the compass useless as well. I bought a pack of 30 and they lasted maybe a couple weeks with classes of pretty well-behaved students.

    Complete waste of money. Very disappointing.
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