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Circle Master Compass: Brown

Circle Master Compass: Brown


Item # 530759
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Recommended Grade(s): K-12
Web Price $4.95


Available in inches for accurate diameter circles (0" to 8"). Innovative three-disk design holds pencil and stylus in place for smooth adjustments. Can be hooked in tandem for larger circles and can be used with any marking device-pencils, markers, scribers, or X-acto knives. Nut is quality aluminum construction and will not wear out.


  • Type: Manipulatives
  • ISBN/UPC 841971110936


    Customer Reviews/Tips

    These compasses are the greatest. I have taught physics and math for 15 years, and I don't even ask students to buy compasses anymore because the usual available compasses are so frustrating. I have plenty of these, I keep them stocked with special pencils to avoid the switching in and out. Mine are numbered with sharpie, and I keep them in the cheap plastic sliding pencil boxes with the snaps. Students are assigned a compass at the beginning of the year for Geometry class and can take it home. The brown ones seem more reliable - I have some neon yellows that don't work as well.
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    I'm looking at one I bought about forty years ago, right now. I went through a lot of cheaply made compasses until I found this one. Its built so well, I expect it will outlast me!
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    These compasses are an excellent choice for middle schoolers first learning how to work with a compass, as long as the students can respect the very sharp point. Because you can lock in both the angle and the pencil length with one movement, they require less fiddling or adjusting than other compasses. They are very sturdy, reliable, and accurate enough for most applications. I highly recommend them.
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