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Garage Physics - Standing (Cantenary) Arch Kit

Garage Physics - Standing (Cantenary) Arch Kit


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Recommended Grade(s): 6-12
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In physics and geometry, the catenary is the shape described by a hanging chain or string when supported only at its own ends. The curves described by catenaries are used in architecture in the design of bridges and arches so that the forces do not result in shearing stresses on the stones. Sir Robert Hooke described this shape in 1675, “… as hangs a ?exible cable so, inverted, stand the touching pieces of an arch.”
The Eisco Garage Physics line is aimed at students aged 7-13 interested in STEM concepts included physics and engineering. Each kit engages the young learner to discover new ideas about the physical world through assembly and play. The kits contain pre-cut wooden pieces that resemble woodworking projects.
The Standing Arch Kit is composed of seven wooden blocks that when properly assembled produce the shape of the catenary arch. This kit engages students to learn engineering concepts such as force balancing and load transfer through the assembly of the arch. The kit shows students how vaulted arches and types of bridges are constructed, and how they are able to bear the weight of buildings and roadways they hold up. By playing with the various blocks, young learners can understand the importance of the keystone in holding up the arch.
The kit includes a hook for the attachment of the hanger and masses from the Eisco Hanging Mass Kit (GP00002) to demonstrate a live load. Alternatively, one can attach a Force Sensor to the hook to measure the amount of weight the arch can hold up.


  • Type: Manipulatives


Warning WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD – SMALL PARTS. Not for children under 3 yrs.

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