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Go Direct® Sensor Cart - Yellow

Go Direct® Sensor Cart - Yellow


Item # 351709
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Recommended Grade(s): 6-12
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With Go Direct Sensor Cart, students can explore force, position, velocity, and acceleration directly on their Bluetooth-enabled device—no wires or additional equipment required. Each cart features built-in sensors to simplify experiment setup and allow investigations to be conducted on or off the track.

Go Direct Sensor Cart can be used for hands-on kinematics and dynamics demonstrations but can also be used as an individual sensor. Hang a mass and spring from the force sensor to study simple harmonic motion, or attach the cart to a turntable to study centripetal acceleration.

Each full-featured dynamics cart includes:
• Encoder wheel to report position
• 3-axis accelerometer to measure independent acceleration
• ±50 N force sensor to measure push and pulls
• Mass trays for changing total mass
• Plunger for collision and impulse studies
• Low friction wheels for uniform motion
• Exchangeable magnetic and hook-and-pile inserts for elastic and inelastic collisions

The Go Direct Sensor Cart can be used in a variety of experiments:
• Collect position, velocity, and acceleration data as a cart rolls freely up and down an incline.
• Observe collisions between two carts, test for the conservation of momentum, or measure energy changes during different types of collisions.
• Investigate the relationship between force, mass, and acceleration.
• Examine the energies involved in simple harmonic motion.
• Measure a cart’s momentum change and compare it to the impulse it receives.

Go Direct Sensor Cart connects via Bluetooth® wireless connection to your mobile device, Chromebook™, or computer. Requires FREE Graphical Analysis app from Vernier.


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