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Kemtec™ Elementary Crime Solving Kit

Kemtec™ Elementary Crime Solving Kit


Item # 351287
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Recommended Grade(s): 2-6
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Hold your entire class of student detectives spellbound with a mystery at the mall. This exercise is designed to show young students how the scientific method works in everyday life, in this instance through forensic science. The students must solve a crime (the problem) through observation, reasoning, and experimentation. Includes fibers and hairs as evidence, fingerprints, blood types, and personal profiles full of clues and circumstantial evidence. Students work as a team to reach a decision as to who they believe stole the shirt, then compare their suspect to the official police evidence. Required, but not included: microscope, water bath, distilled water, and glass test tubes with stoppers. Designed for 24 students working in six groups of four.

Kit Contains:
• Instructor Manual
• Student Manuals
• Police Evidence Envelope
• Suspect Evidence Envelopes (for groups)
• Silk Swatch
• Cotton Swatch
• Linen Swatch
• Polyester Swatch
• Wool Swatch (Simulated)
• Cat Hair
• Human Hair
• Rabbit Hair
• Magnifying Glasses
• Cover Slips
• Slides
• Wooden Sticks
• Litmus Paper
• Tweezers
• Mounting Medium


  • Type: Class Resources


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