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Vernier Radiation Monitor (VRM-BTD)

Vernier Radiation Monitor (VRM-BTD)


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The Vernier Radiation Monitor detects alpha, beta, gamma, and X-ray radiation. Applications include nuclear counting statistics, shielding, and decay rate measurements.

The Vernier Radiation Monitor consists of a Geiger-Mueller tube mounted in a small, rugged, plastic case. It requires no battery, getting power from the data-collection interface. A thin window protected by a metal screen allows alpha radiation to be detected, along with beta and gamma. It can be used to explore radiation statistics, measure the rate of nuclear decay, and monitor radon progeny.

• Sensor: LND 712 (or equivalent) halogen-quenched GM tube with a mica end window, 1.5 to 2.0 mg/cm2 thick
• Sensitive to alpha, beta, gamma, and X-ray radiation
• Powered by interface connection
• Red LED blinks on radiation detection

Sensor Requirements
The Vernier Radiation Monitor requires a compatible interface and software to collect data. Interface and software sold separately. The Vernier Radiation Monitor is compatible with these interfaces:
• LabQuest 2
• LabQuest
• LabQuest Mini
• SensorDAQ
• Vernier LabPro
• CBL 2
• TI-Nspire Lab Cradle




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