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Statistics with the TI-84 Plus Calculator

Statistics with the TI-84 Plus Calculator


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Recommended Grade(s): 9-12
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The information age has made statistics one of the most important branches of mathematics. It should be explored using real data from interesting and current sources. Using this book, students enter real data onto spreadsheets or into statistical plots on the TI-84 Plus while you guide their learning and help them draw appropriate inferences. Keying sequences guide them through the labyrinth of statistics menus on the TI-84 Plus without the need to page through the calculator manual. Detailed solutions at the back of the book help students over obstacles to their learning and the application of various statistical techniques accessible on the TI-84 Plus menus and submenus are absorbed with minimal effort as the concepts of statistics are explored. Programs are included to perform experiments such as those applied in Monte Carlo investigations. Historical vignettes are included to add a human dimension to the mathematical excursions. The topics included are statistical inference, data graphs, central tendency, measures of dispersion, correlation, regression lines, statistical distributions such as the normal distribution, the Central Limit Theorem, sampling, Monte Carlo methods, confidence intervals and hypothesis testing. The probability density functions for the binomial, normal, t, Chi Square and F distributions are defined and their properties are explored in terms of their application to tests of hypotheses. New explorations in sampling techniques and inference have been added to the previous edition for the TI-83 Plus. For those with the TI-84 Plus Silver Edition, this book includes references to the statistical simulations involving coin and dice tossing experiments found on the Applications menu. 104 pages.


  • ISBN/UPC 9781895997279
  • Author: Brendan Kelly
  • Format: Softcover


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